Wednesday, November 01, 2006

National Novel Writing Month

Well shit. I mean, isn't a dissertation nothing more than a really really organized novel? Perhaps I should join this group on the National Novel Writing Month. I could be done with the proposal before December hits.

What's ironic is that I clicked on the web site for the organization ( and the page isn't working. How am I supposed write my dissertation in a month if the site is down?? It's almost the end of November 1 - I only have 29 more days!!! ACK!

OK people, gimme a fuckin' break and let's get real. I mean, are we expected to quit our jobs and do nothing but write a book? Are we living in fantasy land? Oh yeah...oh SHIT. I quit my job over four years ago to start this degree. Forgot about that detail.

[Rob goes to crawl into a hole now and ponder this fantasy land life he's been living much too long...]


John B. said...

I have been told that a lot of my writing is novel...oh, wait, not that type of novel writing.

lemming said...

(Cheers Rob on)

Perhaps a novel about student affairs? Oh, wait, as John says, maybe not that kind of affair...

Rob said...

I'm seeing a lot of double entendre in these comments. I thought I just got a new pair of glasses: why do I have double vision?

What? OH...oh, I get it now.