Friday, April 28, 2006

Week's End Report

I CRANKED this week. Finally! Got the Beast Paper finished and shared with DC. I await feedback from her before submitting it to Prestigious Journal. Well, OK...I await her feedback, and I also need to finish the paper's conclusion! It just sort of trails off at the end at this point, but that's OK. It needed to get it the hell away from me for a week or so!

Yesterday I made a draft of my stats final exam (take-home), which is due Tuesday at Noon. I hope to finish up that puppy tomorrow during the day, if possible. On Monday, a proposal to Prestigious Research Conference is due, and I'm going to submit Beast Paper to that group. Why not? The more feedback I can get at this point, the better. Besides, it all informs the dissertation process.

I guess I was able to kick "it" up a notch this week, as I had hoped last Sunday. And I must admit, I'm feeling rather scholarly lately. It's kind of fun. Let's hope I can keep up this energy for the next month or so.

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lemming said...

Massive congratulations and a dance of joy. I hate introductions but enjoy writing conclusions.