Sunday, April 23, 2006

Working day

Here I sit on the vast south veranda of the Chesterley manse. Yep, I'm on the wooden back deck underneath my new porch umbrella we got at K-Mart. But it's quite nice & peaceful, for the most part. Before 10 AM, a neighbor who moved in yesterday started up with a chain saw on a couple of branches in their back yard. I almost went over to them and said, "Can you please live here quietly for a week before disturbing the rest of us? Thanks." But I resisted temptation. Guess I'm so careful not to disturb my neighbors, that I think others should behave the same way. Perhaps I should just stop thinking so much about that stuff?

Anyhow, I'm here on the back deck, connected wirelessly in terms of power and internet. Finally got a new laptop battery that works for more than 10 minutes, so this is good. I'm plowing through the aforementioned edits (see Friday's post) and it's going OK. Moose and Wife are on their way home from In-Laws' house, so I'm trying to get things done before their arrival, when I'll want to play with them.

We've head a few tragic deaths recently in SCT. I hate it when college students die. They're not old enough yet. Hell, I'm not old enough yet either, but I have at least 10-15 years on most of the people who died. Very sad.

In other news, I'm trying to kick "it" up a notch for my work between now and the end of the summer. Not quite sure how to describe "it" right now, but I do have a few more thoughts on the writing process that I'm working on putting into words here sometime soon.


lemming said...

Agree with you 100% about the recent deaths. They were so young and vibrant, at teh top of their game... so very sad.

Padg said...

Outside writing in the veranda? During the winter nights, I imagine you are cuddled up next to the giant fireplace in your library, sipping on merlot, and pondering various development theory's.