Saturday, February 11, 2006


Today is Chesterley's first birthday. Just one year ago I was in the depths of studying for qualifying exams. Seems like a very long time ago! Thanks to those of you who have been checking in either regularly or even just once in a while.

I'm a bit amazed that I've managed to keep up this informal writing habit on a regular basis throughout the year. I do think it's helped my writing process in general. Also, it's been a fantastic outlet for a wide variety of thoughts on the dissertation, the career, raising a child with special needs, being a husband, and many others. Being accountable to others with this public-and-yet-all-about-me sort of writing helps me organize my thoughts and even gain perspective when I'm going into a downward mental tailspin. So, thanks to anyone reading for being around and helping me stay focused.

I'm off to be a researcher for a few hours now before an actual date with my wife this evening. I can get used to this.

Cheers to another good year!


Joe said...

Congrats. You've got a really well balanced blog; it's always interesting to see what you're up to.

Hugh said...

Congratulations. Remember, the first 100 years are the hardest.

Rob said...

I appreciate the comment, Joe!

Cool, only 99 more years till this gets easy. :)

Padg said...

Quals- was it that long ago?

lemming said...

Many congrats - how much have the horrors of quals faded from your memory?

Mine neither.

In more positive news, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARRIVE SOON!!!!