Monday, October 10, 2005

The Writing Retreat Begins!

Greetings from the home of Relative, set in idyllic suburban Chicago. I arrived yesterday afternoon and attended a block party that was happening in Relative's neighborhood (I know another couple in the neighborhood). Then I went out for dinner with my sister, brother-in-law (& their two kids) to celebrate their anniversary. Needless to say, it was a nice arrival here. I'm now settled into the house for the next week.

And now it's time to get crankin'. My plan is to focus and be productive while the sun is up. Then I should be able to relax at night. I will exercise each morning (already did that today) and be at the desk as early as I can, when my brain is "on."

I'll probably post here at the end of each day so I feel like I have some accountability on a regular basis. I also have a couple of "foot-tapping" friends back home, waiting to hear about my progress. You know, tapping their foot, arms folded, waiting for a response. Did that joke work over a blog? I dunno.

Anyhow, I have three Lingering Papers, two from last semester and one to revalidate a course I took in my master's degree in 1995. The over-arching plan for the week is to get through the Lingering Papers and have a very good, solid outline for Chapter 1 of The Dissertation. Today I plan to do the following:
  • Get a good, realistic schedule planned out for the week
  • Finish Lingering Paper #1 (it's about halfway done now)
  • Do research/outline for Lingering Paper #2 (the revalidation paper I've been avoiding for a while, I must admit)
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Good luck my friend! Happy dissertating!!. You will kick but this week....especially if another important package was safely finished and delivered before leaving your home area ??? ;-)

Rob said...

Oh yeah...that. Not quite done yet, but working on it! On the list for tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

OK....once project "A" is done...then you must........................................................write, Rob. Just write! :-)

Rob said...

HAHAHA. Thanks for the good wishes there, friend. I've actually been able to get a little bit done today...