Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The summer is going to fly by

It's kinda spooky how quickly this summer is going to fly by. At my quals defense it was determined that if I want to start collecting data this summer, then I need to have my proposal defended by the beginning of August. Yes, it's only mid-May, I know. However, the prospect of having faculty away for much of the summer coupled with a couple of trips I need to take here and there, and time suddenly is running rather short (as are my ideas for the theoretical background of the dissertation).

And I must admit, while I love this one last class I'm taking right now, it's sort of coming at a bad time. It's too bad I'm saying that: the class is on "assessment of courses, programs, and institutions," and this is an area in which I see myself working. So, I'm torn (as always, it seems): do I focus on the course? On the dissertation?

Both, I suppose.

But it would be nice to have time for a life this summer. Yeah shurrr...

OK everyone: this post has been an example of how my mind works. I'm on overdrive because I'm stressing about the future. Perhaps I should just focus on the chapters I need to read this evening which will help me create an in-class presentation for next week. Yeah, that's it. Deep breath. I need to get a hold of this horse I'm calling The Summer.

Thanks for reading.

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lemming said...

What is this "life" that people keep telling me to get? Sounds intersting yet possibly dangerous.