Wednesday, May 11, 2005


With no fanfare or thunder, though with quite a bit of sweat (ewww), I passed those damn oral exams and am most thankful that I'll never have to do those again. It went just fine. "Good enough for whom it's for," as my wife would say.

The Other Faculty Member On My Committee (TOFMOMC?? Good God, no more acronyms) said about two words pertaining to my dissertation topic, and suddenly some of the major theoretical constructs were being thrown away to the curb. It was as if he opened up the sky a little bit more so I could see it more clearly. I suppose this is good, as the topic was getting pretty complex, and my friend Ida would say "Ida wanna" complexity. Completion of the dissertation is a much better goal.

So, the end result: I'm now qualified to be a Doctoral Candidate.

I think I'm going to go crawl into a hole now.


Cousin Dave said...

Conga Rats to you! Now sleep a little, have some Makers Mark, and sleep some more.

lemming said...

Hooray! (Insert Balki dance of joy)

Wishing you champagne and a long weekend off.

Hugh said...