Sunday, April 17, 2005


The "who's the phuquing idiot..." post, below, originally had the proper spelling (if you can call it "proper") of the word "f-cking." Holy Moses, do you see the long list of one-hit wonders in my referring web pages list? Seems like lots of people are searching on the word "f-ck," since the number of folks on that list quadrupled since I posted that story. When I realized this just now, I changed it to the more delicate spelling of "phuque."

I swear only when appropriate to do so, in my opinion, i.e. in casual situations around people whom I know don't mind. I think it's just a form of expression that has its place. In this blog, I figured it was my space and I could do with it as I choose. And I guess it still is, but when I see how many more people were hitting this blog, probably because of that word, it just made me think a bit. Ew.

Away ye searchers for phuque! Y'ain't gonna find anything that graphic on this blog.


John B. said...

I have the same view of the correct company, I don't see a problem with it. As long as people aren't using the Lord's name in vain, I am OK with cursing...even the f-bomb, which i have used quite a bit at various times in my life.

The interesting thing is that I hear more women and young girls cursing now than I used to...including using the f-bomb. I almost never heard women use that word 20 years ago, now some women use it quite frequently.

Rob said...

Yes, I agree. I hear more people using it in general, and in more inappropriate places than before. It's interesting how desensitized I am (and perhaps others too) to the whole notion of swearing.