Monday, April 18, 2005

Good weather should not occur at the end of the school year

Spring in Small College Town is really quite nice this year. It's a "oh, do I have to go to work/class?" kind of day today. In fact, it's so nice that I'm going to change the banner picture back to the spring flower scene instead of Chester's lovely visage in the snow. I think he'll forgive me, and this will inspire me to find a picture of him in fairer weather instead of in the snowy background that's up there now.

I digress, which is something I often do when I'm procrastinating from the work I have to do at the end of the semester. Why spend the time changing that picture when I should be working on my dissertation proposal?? The draft is due a week from tomorrow!!!

I tell ya, I wish it could rain for the next two weeks. May help me stay focused on the end of the semester.

Yeah right.

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