Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Opportunity to Start Fresh

I am not one to rely on new year's resolutions as anything all that helpful, but I do find the time to be a bit re-charging especially after a long winter break as we tend to have in higher education. I emerge from the break a bit tired from mental and physical atrophy brought on by too much food and plenty of family celebrations. But that tiredness usually gets to a peak around New Year's Eve, and I'm ready to get back to work soon thereafter.

That brings me to this post. I need to view this new position as an opportunity to start it off right. There are so many opportunities here, I hardly know where to start and where to leave off. With so much information to gather into my head, it's getting a bit overwhelming. It's not a bad problem to have (far better than being bored!), but it's a problem nevertheless.

I may rely more on writing out my thoughts a bit more up here with the hope of mapping out the starting-over journey. Could become an interesting administrative article someday for how to take a whole bunch of new information in quickly and use it to do something new.

Or perhaps I'm just spinning plates too darn much.

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