Thursday, November 03, 2016

On the Move Again

We're off on yet another professional and personal adventure. Next month we will move to BAC (Big-@ss City) so I can start a job at PRU (Prestigious Research University). I'll do similar work to what I have been doing in institutional research, and I just can't wait to get started. The icing on the cake is that BAC is my home town, and I still have family and many friends in the area. It's a great opportunity for me professionally and also personally for my family.

Beyond excited! Anyone want to buy a house in VSLSC?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

On Turning 45

Last Tuesday I turned 45. As I mentioned before, birthdays ending with a 5 have been tough for me. However, at this birthday that was not nearly the case. I'm feeling more empowered by this particular milestone birthday. Wife told me she felt empowered with her age 40 milestone. For me, I felt a bit of that but not nearly as much as turning 45 has been. I think I know solidly how to "do" the 40s. I don't care nearly as much about what others think of my actions. I'm confident in my decision-making abilities and taking action on various aspects of my life.

Yeah, usually.

I mentioned the "acting on" stuff in my last post, too. I've started losing a bit of weight and dealing with some other health issues that have come up. None of these things are scary or otherwise setting me back. I am aware, however, that my time for taking this type of action will only be limited the longer I wait. So I'm not waiting anymore.

It's been a good week thus far. Empowerment by age is a nice thing.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Taking Action on Stuff

Well. It's been a while. Need to start exercising my writing habits, again.

No house updates at this time, though we're gearing up for some help with landscaping for the spring (today!) and have a few other projects on the wait list for now (flooring, some interior painting). We're still grateful to be living in a newer home that's already been updated in the last 25 years by the prior owner! A few photos forthcoming, so I can keep a good history of things.

Job front still is going very well. I am continuing to learn nuances about this particular institution every day, and that keeps it interesting and challenging. Better than being bored, that's for certain. I'm fortunate to work with great people all around.

Am needing to get going on a few writing projects. I realize that writing and publishing will be one of the better uses of my time in this job, albeit an administrative position. If I can work on a few pieces and also help others find time to write, it will only benefit this center both on and off campus. The trick will be finding the time to balance it all along with other unexpected demands that arise.

Another thing I'm working on is my health. I have a milestone birthday ending with a 5 this year. These milestones are always the ones that stress me out a bit, much more than those ending with a 0. Interesting. I need to eat better and exercise more. I've needed to do this on a more regular basis since I was in my late 20s. Hahahaha. It's nothing new. Just need to act on it...much like I need to act on writing. I wish "acting" wasn't viewed as a passive term when relating to movies or theater. It's more closely related to TAKING ACTION, so that's a better frame.

Rambling to myself in my public blog...again...