Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaack

A good way to determine whether or not you really enjoy something is to stop doing it for a while and see if you miss it. I miss writing out my random thoughts, so here I am once again.

I have no idea if anyone is still actually reading this blog. Not sure I care, actually. The motivation for me to write is really self-driven; it's a good way for me to get thoughts out of my head and out in the open. I don't write for the pleasure of others. I write for my own mental exploration and growth.

If you do happen to be reading this, though, I certainly would welcome your comments and dialogue. If this were really private and personal, then I wouldn't post it online.


Hugh said...

Yay! I was reading it, even when you weren't posting, and having wonderful conversations with the stuff I'd imagine that you were writing.

But, seriously, it's great to see someone returning to the fold.

Rob said...

Thanks, Hugh. It's good to be back!

lemming said...

Hey! I've been checking in from time to time, too.

Would be interested to learn how life has changed post-doc. Also more on that stunning Welsh Corgi.

Rob said...

Good topical suggestions, Lemmyng. (I'm creative wyth mi spellyng.)