Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Cost of Wisdom

I recently received my first paycheck after my 40th birthday. I am thankful a) to have a full-time job and b) to have little perks like supplemental life insurance and long-term disability coverage, each for which I pay a nominal monthly fee.

What surprised me was that my monthly rates for these things both increased by $5 and $12 respectively in this last paycheck. When I checked LMUU's human resources website for any changes to the coverage starting May 1, I soon realized that the only change to my coverage was my advancement to age 40 in the middle of said month. It is now officially more expensive to insure me.

Wisdom comes with a price, I guess.

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lemming said...

You are much, much, much older than me - I stand in awe of your superior age and wisdom. ;-)

I still have a few more weeks before my increase in life insurance payments kicks in. Mine is more like $50, which surprised me.