Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just Writing

Today is my 'day off' from work to write. It's going well. Got things organized and then wrote about a page this morning. Am planning on another page or two this afternoon.

I use the term 'organized' loosely, today. I'm really not all that organized, but if I keep trying to get organized, I'm not going to get anything done. So I've decided just to write and not think so damn much. At least words will appear on the page instead just swim around my foggy brain.

Good news: I have a meeting next Wednesday with DC down in Small College Town. So, this gives me a hard deadline to have SOMETHING prepared for her by that time. I'm looking forward to some feedback and focus on how to proceed as a result of that meeting.

OK, gotta go 'just write' some more.


Gibsyn said...

By George, I think he's got it! We have all tried to organize ourselves out of getting to something else, haven't we? Today, I've had a scented candle burning on my desk so I don't dare leave the room and burn my house down. I've gotten 5 hours of grading done! We are production machines!!!!

chad said...

Ask Dan Bureau about this concept. He and I both realized that as we're trying to get work done we might glance around the room and realize that a pile of bills needs filing. And then while doing that we realize that the file drawer is a mess and needs some purging. Then as we are purging we find old correspondence that is either fun to read or alarming in that we never responded to it. So we go to write a response and realize that there's already a word doc open. Oh, right.

lemming said...

I'd make the obligatory joke about gadget organizer, except that I think most organizers are gadgets.

I'll settle for being impressed by Moose's resourcefulness.