Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 7 Report

A good Sunday was had. Went to church in the morning, where an incredible college choir sang on their spring break tour. My college choir took a spring break tour, too, during my freshman year. Gulp, that was 20 years ago. Moving on, then.

Came home, did a little bit of organizing and lunching. Then we spent a few hours in the back yard with Wife, Moose & Chester, cleaning up the winter tree crap (sweet gum tree and its damn gumballs...hate those little fuckers). Got caught up with one of our neighbors, too...was good to actually SEE neighbors again instead of us all being trapped in our cold houses for months at a time during the winter. Nice to see spring is about to spring all around.

Then I came into the office/prison and backed up my entire dissertation, again, on my external hard drive. Didn't want to lose all that good work from the last week.

Ate dinner with the fam. Played piano a bit. And now I'm putting Moose to bed. So, sort of a day of rest, of sorts. And that's alright.

Tomorrow, two colleagues from SCT will come up to LSC, and the three of us will work together in the downtown library. All of us are on spring break, working on dissertation and related coursework. Should be a good day. And maybe I'll write in complete sentences tomorrow. No more phrases. Haha.


lemming said...

Does Moose garden? go go gadget dirty fingers

A creepy thought: I just remembered filling out a survey for someone doing a masters in business at LRU a while ago. She was asking about mentors. You might want to do a quick search.

Rob said...

hmm...that might be helpful for the implications chapter. Thanks!