Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm indebted to my good friend, Gibsyn, for a very motivating phone call this morning. This is a friend who I worked with at Large Urban Southeastern University several years ago when she was completing her doctorate. She provided several tips for focusing on COMPLETION, all of which I will be likely to use in the next several months. She also shared with me that these same issues we all deal with (impostor syndrome, setting our own timelines and sticking to them) are things professors deal with on a regular basis. The difference here is that these issues are most intense during the doctoral candidacy process and they tend to become more routine the longer we do them and the more approval we receive from the academic society, as it were.

I am gearing up for having two weeks in March to focus only on the dissertation. Between now and then, I need to get the data analysis bear tamed to a point where I can get some good writing done during the time away from work.

Also between now and then I have a rather long to-do list at work that I must complete, and a class I'm teaching that I must finish.

Note my attempt in using finite timelines to structure my work? Ugh. Sometimes this constructivist bullshit of creating our own learning environments gets too exhausting. Am I actually missing having someone else write a friggin' syllabus? ACK!

Thanks again, Gibsyn.

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