Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Things

I think I have a structure for the theory I'm creating. OK, that's a sentence I wasn't planning on writing a few years ago. I'm creating a what? And someone's going to actually reward me for thir crap? Anyway, I'm glad to finally be developing a structure. At this point, and fucking structure will do, you know? Only four people in the entire world are actually going to read this thing. OK, five including my mother. 

I will take delivery of the Mini Friday afternoon. Let's hope I have a fully-functioning VW for just two more trips to and from downtown and then just one trip to Carmax on the way to the Mini dealership. 


chad said...

Actually, Rob, my dissertation ended up being passed around at Rhodes because it directly informs in-process assessment efforts here. I didn't want anyone to see it but they looked at me strangely when I told them it was private.

Also: SOLID news on the new ride. I'm sure you'll post pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your mother is readiy and waiting....xo m