Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Dissertation Week - Day 1

Today went far better than expected. I'm definitely on a roll at this point, which I desperately needed. Finally got over a hump I was on with this one rather boring interview summary. Took forever. Finished it up this morning, probably because I was studying with a friend of mine. It took getting out of the house/office and getting back to a more social environment to get anything done. Makes no sense, I realize, but it's true. Am now just going through interview summaries and getting them done, not getting them perfect. It'll all be thrown into the mixer of Chapter 4 anyhow, so why not just fly through these little buggers and finish them up? 

So this afternoon I flew through another summary of an interview that was twice as long as the one that took me forever to complete this morning. I don't ask questions about my progress anymore, I just continue. 

And, I've also opened up my process to my colleagues a bit more (colleagues at work, that is. A group of 12). I'm taking time off from work, after all, so they deserve to know where the hell I am. I asked them to ask me about my progress. This puts the pressure on me to be able to tell them something tangible about my process each time someone asks. Thus far it's working, and I'm also receiving lots of support. There are a few in this group who have finished doctorates, and a couple of others who are mid-stream like myself, so it's a pretty supportive group. 

Time to pack it up here at the library and head home. i wonder which circuitous route I should take home in the Mini today? 

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