Friday, September 26, 2008


It will be no surprise to those of you who have read this blog that I'm going to vote for Obama in November. I watched the first debate this evening. I have been ignoring the political scene best I can till tonight, because I no longer care about what others think about all this. I just want to hear the candidates' opinions. 

I kept listening to what Obama had to say and the manner in which he was saying it. And I kept wondering why people would not vote for him. I mean, his words were perfect. I don't get why there is any discussion about it. 

The thought of him actually getting elected is sort of overwhelming. I mean, can you imagine how good everything would be if he actually got elected? Wow. 

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Chad said...

No real convincing, devastating exchanges, though. You know...the way many Fox News folks are having trouble masking their Palin embarrassment? This debate was too close for Obama to survive the spin.

I'm still pretty confident in a favorable outcome in November (is Tennessee even a battleground state?) but I, like many, want to see more attack from Obama in the less-important rounds II and III.

Of course, We're all expecting Biden to terminate Palin this week. That should be good television.