Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I am in the market for a new car. I was going to wait till I finished the dissertation. However, as the process has taken longer than I thought, I'm now at the point where I'd rather not spend more money repairing the old VW Jetta.

I'd like to hear your opinion on which car I should buy. Please respond to the poll I've posted somewhere in the column to the right.

I'm thinking of something relatively inexpensive yet reliable. Small and fuel-efficient, yet something with a little bit of class. Typically, I am the only person in the car, and I use it mostly to drive about 20 miles per day to and from work. I take an occasional trip by myself to visit relatives, but that's pretty rare. When we travel as a family, we usually take Wife's small SUV.

I'm really leaning toward the Mini Cooper, though I have some concerns about it blowing around too much in the winter when driving at high speeds on the Interstate. Again, it's pretty rare that I drive on the Interstate out of town, but it's a concern nonetheless.

I welcome your thoughts and am open to many ideas.


Jason266 said...

Big SUV's are selling for cheap these days.

I know a guy with a Mini Cooper. I'll ask him about being blown around; I've never heard him mention it.

Laurie said...

What about a Prius? Small, a hybrid, a Toyota (ah, I remember the Tercel fondly!), and I know several Mainers who have and love them. That said, our Corolla has over 160,000 miles and shows no sign of slowing down.