Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Automobile 2

Thanks to the handful of people who voted for my choice of car. The winner was the Honda Civic, at five votes. 

Honda Civic? Really? Yawn! Isn't there something more interesting? OK, truth be told, this is the car I think I should buy. Doesn't mean I will. Haha. 

So, I propose a revised poll (version 2.0, if you will). Please see the box to the right. I've done a bit more research and have added a couple of different cars (I removed the Subaru and the VW). Am looking for something relatively inexpensive, high-quality, fuel efficient, fun to drive, and perhaps a bit different from normal. I kept the Civic on the list, but am deciding between the hybrid or the coupe (that coupe looks pretty cool, I must say). 

Oh yeah, the poll is anonymous. I did not seek IRB approval on this study since the results will be used only for assessment purposes. Yawn. 


chad said...

I own a Prius and had to wean myself from my 5-speed Scion xA, which we sold to pay the former off. I love driving stick...but the world is a different place now and my enjoyment was producing lots of carbon emission.

The Prius has its own fun challenges in terms of maximizing your mileage, and I assure you there is no roomier car on your list (if you decide you need to consider practical issues as well).

I also know that Rob has been fantasizing about the Mini for like eight years...but does its middling mileage and emission rating make up for the fun factor?


Debbie Downer

Rob said...

The concept of a Prius is growing on me. Guess I just need to start test driving some more of these puppies and see how they actually feel.

So, thanks for the feedback, "Debbie."
---Insecure Isaac

Anonymous said...

I would vote in your poll, but I just drove my efficient, reliable Honda Civic and I am very sleepy... YAWN!

Rob said...

LOL. Well, whomever you are, I would still welcome your vote. My opinion of cars is not meant as a personal attack on those who choose to drive cars.