Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moose and Headaches

First things first, Moose is making great improvements lately in several different ways, one of which is pretty major. He's finally beginning to tell us when he needs to use the bathroom. And he's finally beginning to do everything in the actual toilet. That's amazing. He's 7, so that means 7 years of diapers. Wife and I change diapers better than most anyone else I know. What a skill! Now in my opinion, we're a year behind on toilet training due to TFD (the fuckin' diet) that failed for Moose and thus earned its esteemed TFD title. The failure of TFD manifested itself in about a year's worth of diarrhea (I've mentioned this before, and I'm still not joking), which is tough to control and thus makes it almost impossible to teach potty training techniques. So anyhow, I'm glad we're back on track with potty stuff, and I'm hopeful he'll keep making progress in this area this fall. I'm really proud of him! 

I've also written here about allergies in the past. Now I'm just frustrated. In SCT, my allergies were worst in the springtime and I learned I was allergic to molds and dust. Things must be different here in LSC. There isn't any mold in the air this time of year, but they're flaring up again big time. My head feels stuffed, my ears feel clogged and I'm constantly draining crap down the back of my throat all the time. Sorry if that's gross, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want. Fortunately the meds I'm usually on the spring are coming in handy, and I'm pretty much keeping things at bay. At least my face doesn't hurt how it has in the past. None of this is stopping me from living my life, but it's sort of nagging at me nonetheless. 

What? Can't hear you: ears are too clogged. 

I may do some more coding this afternoon before some friends join us for an early-evening cookout. Or I may just take a nap to relieve the pressure on my head...

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lemming said...

Never had allergies in my life. Moved from SCT to LSC and I have a permanent cough and runny nose. Maybe you and I are allergic to living in LSCs?