Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Share or Not To Share?

I have a post saved here in the "drafts" folder from a couple of weeks ago that describes some of the things I'm finding when coding the interview transcripts for my dissertation. I go back and forth as to whether or not I should share these things up here, so that's why I've not published that post just yet. On the one hand, the whole point of keeping the blog is to get practice with writing and to do it in a way that it's presentable for an audience. Perhaps writing about my findings would allow me to create a sort of rough draft for my dissertation?

On the other hand, I'm paranoid that someone else will use the findings for their own studies. I fear getting robbed, in a sense, like getting plagiarized. Typically I err on the side of trusting people, so I usually don't mind sharing my dissertation research in person with colleagues I trust (and hopefully I'm not putting them to sleep with these things!). Here in the blog…I dunno. That's another story.

If people have some insights as to whether or not they think I should share these findings up here, please do speak up here. I'm all ears…or eyes, as the case may be. I'm leaning toward telling all.


Anonymous said...

As a recovering academic, I would say DON'T POST. If you want to write and get feedback, send your ideas to a few, trusted, blogfriends. I would err on the side of caution, especially because this is your dissertation. After you get the letters by your name, you can certainly share with anyone. My $0.02.

Rob said...

Yeah, yeah. You're probably right. Thanks for your $0.02.