Friday, January 18, 2008


Dissertation things are moving as slowly as the sludge in my head that I feel sloshing around tonight as a cold-ass arctic front is moving in (please make the front move in faster so my head will stop hurting). Wife was sick most of this week, which means I've had primary care responsibilities for her and Moose, especially the last few days. That's life! She's certainly done that for me when needed, and it's what families do.

Of course the time away has gotten me behind on a couple of things at work, which at this point trumps any dissertation progress. I like my job. But I really don't give a shit about the dissertation today. Maybe I'll find some focus and energy to get something done this weekend. And maybe not.

Maybe I just need to go to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


lemming said...

Sometimes you have a backhoe. Sometimes it's a sandbox shovel with a broken handle and large cracks in the bowl. Keep going. Celebrate the small goals as well as the big ones. Every ten words means ten words less to go.

P.S. Love the photo of Moose petting Chester's ears.

Rob said...

Thanks Lem. I'm glad to see you back here again, btw.

R said...

It is definitely tired out today. No question.