Monday, September 10, 2007


Wife took Chester to the vet today for routine updating of vaccines and the like. We also needed to get refills on his heartworm and anti-flea meds. This is obviously a new vet clinic for us, since we're living in a new town. They did a nice job. Chester is in perfect health and weighs what he should weigh. This was all good news.

It's his age that I found surprising. According to the report we received from the vet, Chester is now a "senior" patient. Excuse me? Senior? Wha'? He's 8. He's not a day over being middle aged!

Senior, my ass.


lemming said...

Hey, Iams calls it "active maturity" - not that I would describe Sam or Chester as mature!

Melanie said...

I hope Chester bites him next time. Gently. But enough to get his senior point across. The house looks awesome!