Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer on the Porch

This isn't the greatest picture photographically, but this happens to be a shot of my point of view right now. This picture was taken in July, though (note the patriotic decorations). I'm presently sitting on our screened porch, reading an article on creativity, writing this blog post, while watching Moose playing in the pool (kiddie pool). One of the many things that sold us on this house was this porch. We've already sat out here for numerous meals at various times of day. It's just fantastic, I must say. Well OK, it's hotter then HELL right now, but I'm enjoying the outdoors nevertheless.

(it's good to have the wireless Internet access set up too...glad it extends out here to the porch!)

Wife is inside teaching a voice lesson right now, if you can believe it, which is the reason why us "boys" were banished outside. One of her students from SCT was nearby visiting her grandmother, so she called yesterday to see if she could take a lesson today. I do hope, for Wife's sake, that this is just the first of many, MANY lessons that will be taught in the living room of New Chesterley. We're hoping that the move to Large State Capital will bring about a new, and more prolific, group of students for Wife's at-home studio.

Ah, a breeze just came through. Sigh.

I've had a decent couple of days working on the diss. Status report: I have stopped trying to find participants at this point. The professors aren't even around, let alone any students working on senior projects. This isn't really a surprise to me, though I had hoped to have all interviews completed prior to the move. Oh well. I'll have to extend the interviewing out a month or two into the fall semester.

The good thing is that now I have time to do the edits my committee wanted me to do on the proposal/first half of the diss. I am SO glad that DC had me write the first three chapters as the proposal itself. It's a big relief to have half of the writing completed already. So, I don't mind the editing for now, though I do look forward to having the interviews completed so I don't have to depend on anyone else but myself to get the work done. I still plan to finish sometime this fall.

OK, that's about it. I'll try to publish some more pictures of the house when I can. Bye.

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