Friday, May 11, 2007


During all the haze with our house-selling and searching processes, I have been conducting interviews for my dissertation. I have been looking forward to this time for about two years now, so it feels good to be on a hiatus from writing and now actually conducting interviews. Feels good to be doing something more tangible for a change.

The interviews have gone well so far, with the exception of a broken tape cassette here. Please don't tell me to use a digital recorder instead, as those are worthless to me for doing my own transcriptions (I have an aged transcription machine, foot pedals and all).

I've conducted five interviews, and I think I have a sixth scheduled for after Wife and I return from Undisclosed Location. Only about four or five more, and I should be good to go. Ten or eleven hours of interview data is plenty for this study, thankyouverymuch.

I just wanted a little reminder to myself in the blog about this process, so this post is short. K, bye.


EA said...

Yipee!! And, so cool for you that you have a transcription machine!! How the heck did you get a hold of that thing?

Kisha said...


Rob said...

Thanks y'all!

EA, I found the transcription machine in my dad's office after he died. I have NO idea why he had one...probably used to do some dictation for himself? I dunno. I think it's probably 30 years old, but it seems to be working just fine (knock on wood)!

lemming said...

(roots for Rob)

Go! Go! Go!

Oh, and hope that your UD was 110% nicer than Dick Cheney's. I've no idea where he went on all of thsoe occasions, but you two deserve the best.

EA said...

Totally excellent inheritance! Kudos to dad! :o)