Saturday, April 07, 2007

Study # 07- 11947

Some quick updates, all of which are good.

First, I received Approval from the human subjects committee at LMU earlier this week, so I am now able officially to start recruiting participants for my study. Approval is good. From now on, I shall refer to the diss as # 07- 11947, the number assigned to my study by the Human Subjects Committee at LMU. Note the required space between the hyphen and the number 1. I am not kidding.

Next, DC came back from a series of conferences, and she gave me a bunch of feedback on the proposal. Feedback is good.

Third, DC thinks the propsoal is just about ready to go to my dissertation Committee. She informed the Committee as such, and now suddenly they all want the completed proposal by...TODAY. Committee interest is good. DC has asked them a big favor by accelerating my time line so I can collect data very soon. She rocks! I'm very lucky to have her.

Thanks to her feedback, and that of a couple of other Trusted Colleagues (TCs), I'm swiftly synthesizing a bunch of edits together into one coherent (God I hope so) document. Later this afternoon, I'll deliver copies to the Committee and then it's outa my hands till the defense date, which will happen hopefully within the next 10 days or so. We shall see.

A little bit stressed, but none of this is "bad" stress. It's all good.


EA said...

You ROCK!! OH-MY-GOD!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! ::Breathing::

R said...

OMG this is so excited! I want to be a human subject!