Monday, February 12, 2007

Elusyve letter y

Y am seryously thynkyng of removyng all ynstances of the letter “i” from my dyssertatyon and replacyng them wyth the more elusyve and less-frequently used letter “y”. Wouldn’t that be nyce?

OK, Y realyze that’s probably not the best ydea. But yt would be pretty funny nevertheless. You can tell Y’m goyng styr crazy wyth dyssertatyon-wrytyng these days. Perhaps the upcomyng snow storm wyll bryng me back to a mode where Y can be more productyve? Y hope so.


Hugh said...

Would iou use the "syrch and ryplace" function?

Rob said...


Y actually had to wryte thys post yn Word and then use "search & replace"!

EA said...

I wanna see it when it's done... :O)

Joe said...

My Freshman year of college, I took a class on Chaucer. In Chaucer's time, just about every word began or ended with a Y. By the end of the semester, so did everything I wrote.