Monday, January 08, 2007

Update on The Tree

I have an update on the recent post where I discussed our Christmas tree. I feel a little embarrassed I'm even spending more time on this topic, but I'm beaming with pride for my wife right about now. You'll see why if you keep reading.

We were heartbroken and felt guilty when we disposed of said tree. I mean, we killed A TREE so we could hang a few ornaments and lights on it for about 7 days. I still can't believe it. We paid money to have someone chop it down for us, exposing its innards and taking an oxygen source away from the world, specifically for this purpose. Wow. So when we were disposing of said tree at the recycling center (the proper, environmental thing to do, of course) (oh my God), we pretty much decided then and there that we'll never do that again.

Wife said she often has heard of major after-Christmas sales on the nice fake trees that come with lights already strung on them. They tend to cost in the $100 range, but she wanted to wait for a sale. Sales are good.

Last week Wife was at Chain Grocery Store Near Our House (CGSNOH), and she saw those trees on sale for $25. Not too bad. They weren't quite the fullest-looking trees, and it was pretty easy to see the trunk. Still, it's JUST a plastic Christmas tree, and with ornaments and other crap covering it, it should look OK. At least it was pre-lit, and at least it was only $25. But neither of us thought about it again, and we forgot about it till today.

Today, the trees were on sale, marked down again. They were only $10. We now own said tree. Loving the wife's financial savvy and patience. I feel like we beat the Christmas machine at its own game. Too bad we had to commit a cardinal sin against the Earth before we learned our lesson, but that's OK. Someday I'll stop feeling guilty about it. Maybe.


John B. said...

The wife and I have this argument every year...

Several years ago, we had to buy an artificial tree, due to severe allergies and asthma then suffered by our oldest son. Our oldest has since outgrownthe asthma and allergies, for the most part, so a real live tree would be OK.

Then there is the cat to deal with, andthe dog,they love eating live trees.

So we have had this $60 artifical tree the last 10 years...I want to get a new artifical tree or at worst start with live trees again...the wife doesn't think we need to buy a new tree, "it looks fine" is what she says.

I am usually the frugal one...but the roles are reversed here. I feel that ornaments don't cover up a bare tree...that is just me.

Welcome to my world of artifial advantage, it does beat putting the live tree into a stand and struggling with it.

tommysmommy said...

Wife here! I get so darn giddy over finding bargains like that, but I have to say, this may be the find of the year. That was a $99 tree! And it comes in 3 parts. Prelit. The artificial tree I grew up with was a big, full tree but you had to assemble it branch by branch. Then add the lights...well, it took many swigs of heavily-laced egg nog to find the cheer in doing all that! Here's to our $10 tree.

EA said...

Bravo and Brava tree bargain hunter-finders... :o)...You are my hero and heroine...

lemming said...

Christmas trees are a crop, just like corn and alfalfa. They are grown to be cut down. Buying a once-living Christmas tree does not denude the forests of Wisconsin.

Nonetheless, I admire the bargain!

Rob said...

Thanks Lem. I don't feel quite as horrible now. ;)