Saturday, August 26, 2006

Becoming Accustomed to Growing Older

I don't think I'm all that old, however I'm certainly no longer "young." Well, that probably depends upon the others with whom I'm hanging out here & there, but I digress.

What I mean is that I can remember events, places I've visited, things I've done from 10-15 years ago as if they were yesterday. Sometimes I find that a bit disturbing, but other times I start to feel "wise," I suppose. I mean, I have a ton yet to learn in life, so don't mistake my self-proclaimed wisdom for arrogance. However, I do feel as though my life experiences have gotten me somewhere and have certainly shaped the person I am today. I dunno.

OK, can you tell I'm writing a paper on student development right now? I guess I'm processing my own identity development along the way.

I also have recently read Beloit College's Mindset List for the class of 2010: this year's typical college freshmen. Take a look: it always makes me feel just a bit old.


Padg said...

Didn't you just celebrate your 26th birthday?

Rob said...

LOL. Yes Padg, it was the ninth anniversary of my 26th birthday.

Padg said...

Hahaha, well said!