Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend Getaway

The weekend getaway with just the two of us was quite nice. Had time just to "be" and only worry about ourselves. Took in a museum, ate a couple of great meals, and had a good ole time. I highly recommend this type of getaway to anyone with kids. Even if you only travel ten miles from home - a 24-hour trip away from your kid(s) once in a while is well worth-it! We've only done this one other time since Moose was born.

We watched the very last West Wing tonight. I recall when that show came on six years ago and we were living in the Southeast. We watched it religiously, as did many of our friends. Our lives were SO very different then. We both were working full-time, Moose hadn't remotely been conceived yet, and Chester was just a year old. We were both getting settled in our careers, and we had a good life. I miss that sometimes, not that I would turn back time or anything, but boy was it fun. I don't know why watching the TV show reminded me of that time. I guess it's the memory of our lives when that show was starting, combined with the weekend getaway. It's good to remember what it's like to be a couple and not have the constant worry of having a child with special needs.

Perhaps there's a constant feeling of worry when you have typically-developing kids? I don't know. What I do know is that we're exhausted quite often, and sometimes it's hard to watch Moose attempt to navigate the world. Most times, however, we continue to be amazed at all he CAN do in spite of his inability to communicate coherently. Through it all, he still remains a genuinely NICE, humorous kid. Sometimes I wish I had his patience when I was that young.

Random post, I know, but my mind is just flowing tonight, for some reason. Preparing to turn 35 this week, perhaps? Probably.

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John B. said...

I think that there is a constant worry with all is that darned responsibility thing.

I worry about my son (in the back of my mind, anyhow) every time he drives the car away.

It isn't anagging worry or a life overpowering worry, just a worry in the background.