Monday, May 01, 2006

I actually finished something EARLY!

I'm a bit stunned. I just submitted my proposal for Presigious Research Conference online, and the deadline isn't till 11:59 PM tonight. I'm right on schedule: am now heading home from the Cafe to hang out with Wife and Moose for a bit. Then, Wife goes off to be social while I hang out with Moose till his bedtime.

After his bedtime, I will hunker down and complete my take-home exam for "multivariate statistics in educational research." Am just about finished. Just a few more things left to tweak, and it's not even due till Noon tomorrow!

If all goes according to plan, then the only thing I'll have on my plate for tomorrow morning before turnning into a Good Little Graduate Assistant in the afternoon is (gulp) to work on my dissertation. Yeah, that's all.

That's ALL? Zoinks.


lemming said...

Does this mean that hell has frozen over and I have to go on a date with - EEEE!

Rob said...