Monday, April 03, 2006

That was a little too close for comfort

We were still in Chicago last night after my grandmother's funeral earlier in the day. It was probably a good thing that we weren't home here in SCT. Anyone approaching Chesterley from the south has seen this farmhouse out at the main road, and it was severely damaged in what appeared to be a tornado last night. The paper called it not a tornado, but "straight line winds." Not sure exactly what that means, but this looked like tornado damage to me & Wife. This was a three-story house, dating back to the Civil War (picture was published in SCT's local paper). We walk Chester and Moose by this place all the time - it's only about 3 blocks from us. Fortunately the current owners/residents were not hurt.

Chesterley is just fine, though the power had been out about 24 hours prior to our homecoming. It came back on around 8:30 PM. No complaints here: our place is still standing, and the efficient folks at yonder power company appeared to have done a great job restoring things.


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