Friday, April 21, 2006

Been a while

Lots going on lately, mostly surrounding typical end-of-semester events and such. Also, the home-life has been scheduled to the hilt. While I enjoy this enormously, it's not all that conducive to a timely completion of work. Oh well: better to lose a little sleep than to not enjoy hanging out with the family and friends.

Speaking of the family, Wife and Moose are visiting "gramamama and grampa" (Moose's words) this weekend, so Chester and I are home alone together for now. Today he's at doggie daycare while I'm away at work, meetings, and a couple of other things here & there. Am looking forward to a relatively quiet Saturday, I must admit. I plan on cleaning the home office/prison (boy it needs it) and then plowing through an edit on this @#$% pilot study paper. I considered just putting it aside for a while, but it's going to drive me nuts if I don't at least get it into a finished form and send it to Prestigious Journal for consideration. It will most likely get rejected, and then I can use the feedback to improve it more and try again (probably at Not-as-Prestigious Journal). OK by me, just lemme move on from this! Pink has offered to take a look at it next week, so there's the motivation I need.

Pink and I have started our weekly meetings once again. She's finishing up her first chapter, which is great. We both are trying to have proposals done by the end of the summer. It will be easier for her since she has a 10-month appointment with the summers off. Not the same for this 12-month boy, but oh well. Hopefully I'll get something done on the thing on a regular basis and be able to feel like I'm making some progress.

Another colleage is defending her dissertation as I type this post. Hard to believe! Am going to go over there and help her celebrate a little later on. Hard to believe people I started with are now finishing up. I feel a little bit behind, but of course I'm happy for my friends.

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