Wednesday, January 11, 2006


There must have been something in the air today that was conducive to productivity in doctoral students. I'm sticking to my new schedule this week (OK, forgive me for being 45 minutes late for studying this morning), and this morning I CRANKED on edits for this publication I'm trying to finish. The friend with whom I was studying also had a productive morning: I think we sorta fed each other good energy, if you will.

And then I just read that my friend Lemming had a productive day too...probably a good breakthrough on her dissertation. Very exciting and inspiring stuff!

Here's to hoping this energy, or air, or whatever it is can carry through the rest of the week.

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lemming said...

Now, if I could just make out what all of the energy-crazed words say on my many scraps of paper, I'd be all set.

(Chariots of Fire theme music rolls)