Sunday, October 23, 2005

Request for Technical Assistance

This isn't really a big deal, but I'm just curious: does anyone out there know why the "Technorati" icon isn't showing up in my sidebar? I have a Technorati profile, and the URL and other coding is embedded into the sidebar section of my blog's template near the coding of the other buttons (it's supposed to be in between my Bloglines and Firefox butons). It's not appeared there in a few months, and I'm wondering if others have experienced trouble with this?

I can't stand it when something technical decides not to work for some unknown reason!

But once again, it's really not a big deal in the scheme of things.


Joe said...

I looked at your code, tried just running the script, and got an error from Technorati saying "Please verify your embed settings at"

I don't know exactly what that means, but maybe it's a clue?

Rob said...

Wow - thanks, Joe! I didn't know one could do that. I'll take a look.

Rob said...

Well, I got it to appear, but not without a "search this blog" engine or "other blogs that link here," link. Weird. I just wanted the logo/link there, but oh well. Thanks again, Joe.