Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gearing up

I've been sluggish with my dissertation work this past week. It's probably a combination of getting back from a nice week away coupled with a general feeling of "what am I about to walk into?" with this new lifestyle post-coursework and pre-dissertation-proposal approval. Basically, I need to spend the rest of the summer reading, and I have not read a thing related to The Diss all week.

Today I'm finally feeling the focus and drive to (drum roll, please) CLEAN MY OFFICE. Yup. Gotta do that again. I do it at the end of each semester. I've even purchased a real live recycle bin ($3.99 at Local Office Supply Chain) so I can feel like I'm doing my part to be environmental. I'm determined to have a workable space by the end of the weekend. Next week I start my "normal" work schedule of 20 hours at my assistantship and 20 hours on The Diss. Let's hope I can stay focused with all of this unstructured time to myself. It'll be an interesting transition.

We're also gearing up for Son's fourth birthday, two weeks from today. My Chicago-based family will be in town, and I suspect we'll invite just a few of Thomas's classmates from preschool and their parents. Should be fun: a Baby Einstein theme.

Stay cool this weekend. The Midwest is scorching this time of year.

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lemming said...

Let me know if you find anything exciting - I'm still amused by my Ron Weasley Christmas Tree ornament