Friday, July 15, 2005

Gearing up for a whole lot of nuthin'

Oy. It's Friday afternoon, and I've probably put in a total of about 5 or 6 hours on my dissertation, limited to my day off from work on Tuesday. I've got to figure out a better way to focus. I guess I've been enjoying my lack of coursework this summer a bit too much, however I do think I deserve some relaxation.

Last night I reviewed my self-imposed schedule, and I realized, in disbelief, that my first deadline is coming up three weeks from today! THREE WEEKS?? Great Scott! Fortunately, knowing myself as well as I do, I padded that deadline a bit. That paper is supposed to be done at the end of the summer, which of course is not for another six weeks.

Ooh...I shouldn't have said that about the remaining six weeks of summer. Am trying to live in the present and ENJOY the summer! OK, I'll stop now.

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