Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day Picnic

Father's Day 2005 011
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Happy Father's Day. Not a great picture of me here, but Son looks like his normal fantastic self. Of course, who wouldn't be happy with a home-made chocolate chip cookie in hand?

We had a nice time at one of the local parks here in town. Son and I took a little nap right after lunch before getting up and running around the park itself. He enjoyed running through the frisbee golf course (glad there weren't too many around!) and Wife enjoyed how Son took so easily to going down the big slide all by himself. All in all, a very good day was had by all so far.

I've finally figured out how to post pictures and things into the blog (at least I think I did) and wrap text around them (at least I think that works), so perhaps I'll start putting up a few pics from time to time. Part of me is interested in documenting photos of my world online. I have no idea why I'm attracted to this notion. Probably because I've read others' photo blogs and it's cool to learn about other parts of the world.

I'm a nerd.


John B. said...

The picture immediately screams one thing to me....your son is one bundle of energy, ready and rerrin to go!

Nice picture, Happy Father's Day.

lemming said...

Awesome picture - and happy daddy's day.

Dallas said...

Ahh, your son is adorable...