Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Beat the Rainstorms

Just drove back from a weekend trip to Chicago to visit the family. A big series of rainstorms are on their way in now, so it's good to be safe & sound back here at Chesterley, the house. And now it's time to update Chesterley, the blog.

The occasion for our trip was Nephew No. 2's baby-naming ceremony (in lieu of a briss...ouch!). It was quite nice. He has his own first name, and his middle name is in memory of my father who died about a year-and-a-half ago. It was a nice touch. Lots of relatives from all sides of my sister's family were in town, so it was a pretty big deal. Son did well with the crowd, which is a new thing for him. It was nice to have a party experience that did not end up with us leaving in a big hurry; Son actually seemed attentive to the others who were there. It was nice progress to see.

And now I'm gearing up a for an eight-day run of finishing up THE LAST CLASS OF MY LIFE (have I mentioned this is the last class? ha ha) on Tuesday 6/21. After that will be very nice, and very weird, to only have 20 hours of my week scheduled with work at my assistantship. The rest of my time will be filled with either family commitments or time that I get to schedule myself for dissertation work. Can't wait!

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