Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another morning at the cafe

I am TRYING to get myself into a couple of regular routines. First, get up and write something every day. Second, get up and exercise.

So, here I am at Favorite Cafe in SCT, complete with the free wireless connection, eating organic food and attempting to finish the penultimate paper for class OF MY LIFE (have I mentioned this is the last class of my life?). I guess I'm shooting toward Goal 1 today. This paper was due a while back, but I was sick and still haven't finished it. It's just not a very hard paper, but I'm having trouble getting focused. This leads me to Goal 2 of exercising...

It would be nice to get back into a regular exercise routine again. It's been a long while since I've done this, and frankly it shows. I'm considering starting another blog about health, but that may be sharing a little too much information. We'll see how it goes. Needless to say, after being so damn sick a couple of weeks back, along with having just a general lack of energy and motivation, perhaps if I get my @ss in gear then I'll get a few other things in my life more focused. I'm not looking to be a model or anything (that wouldn't be possible! lol), but fitting into clothing a bit better and being able to focus the brain a little better would be nice.

OK, am probably sharing too much information here, but it's on my mind and I wanted it to get out somewhere...yet another reason why I have this blog, I suppose.

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lemming said...

When you find the motivation and/or time to do either, let me know. I'm up to my ears in papers to mark.