Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ah, much better

Yesterday I STILL wasn't feeling better. I was pretty bummed I wasn't attending the one conference I had been looking forward to for months, and I still felt quasi-drunk for days due to this weird sinus infection. I was beginning to think I had a brain tumor. That's only half-heartedly a joke; I really didn't know what the hell was up with my head. I'm not one to complain about feeling sick, and I hate sitting around waiting to get better. This particular illness has SUCKED, as nothing was draining out of my head (gross, I know, but true).

Our son has had craniosacral therapy (CST) on a regular basis for the past year. I can usually tell that he's worked with her because he seems more 'present'. He's more calm, more focused, and just generally more 'with it' when I come home from work/school. All she's doing is laying her hands on certain parts of his body: his back, his legs, and especially his head. It's interesting to watch, because he REALLY likes this person and is practically showing her where her hands should go. Then he sort of squirms around a bit, and later feels better like he's releasing pent-up energy. I was a little skeptical at first, but he seems no worse for the wear: quite the contrary! We think the pent-up energy is related to his rough birth (I'll spare you the details for now).

Yesterday I was feeling so lousy, Wife recommended I ask if CST Woman could work with me. Last night I went to her home where she sees clients regularly. A one-hour appointment lasted almost 90 minutes. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. This will sound weird, but it's like I re-lived every head trauma I had ever experienced during my 34 years. I felt the pain, and then I felt them leaving my head. All she was doing was holding my head, my legs, my back, etc. in different positions. No pressure was placed on these areas; rather, my body just reacted.

Any skepticism I may have had about CST is now gone. This is the first time in weeks where I've not felt a pressure on my head. Truly amazing.

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