Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Wow...suddenly, it's starting

[First, I must add that I LOVE my wireless internet access throughout my house. I'm sitting in our family room, instead of being in the office/prison, with the laptop actually on my LAP for a change, typing away on this blog.]

OK, now to the topic in the subject line. I'm embarking on what's turning into a pilot study for my dissertation. And suddenly I'm starting interviews on Friday. Pretty exciting. I'm pulling out my dad's old mini-tape recorder and transcriber machine, testing it all out, getting questions ready, etc. Human Subjects approval is well behind me now, so it's time to get this baby going.

I presented my academic identity theory to my dissertation proposal class this morning. I think it went well: colleagues and my wonderful wise advisor asked some pointed, but helpful, questions. I explained about five times that the visual models I created that describe the theory were not models I was attempting to prove, just explanations of what happens in my brain! It was hard for a few folks to let go of that. Oh well...the questions were helpful. There is something about the energy it takes to argue a point that provides me with the tools to solidify an idea. In addition, I did take several of their suggestions into account, so it was a good experience. Tomorrow I meet with my student development theory professor who I will most likely ask to be the chair of my dissertation.

And today I led a discussion on educational technology for a class I'm helping to teach. It's good to be teaching again: I miss that a great deal. I taught for several years in my old administrative job...it was my favorite part of that job.

I dunno: sometimes I wonder if I should attempt a professorial lifestyle, but other times I get exhausted by thinking about going through the tenure process. Isn't that another doctorate? Ugh.

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lemming said...

re lifstyle: start small. Purchase a tweed jacket with leather patches at the elbows... :-)