Saturday, March 26, 2005

Publicate [PUB-li-kayt]

This is a
new word created by accident during an absolutely hilarious discussion over a fantastic home-made Middle-Eastern dinner with some good friends. Perhaps too much wine was consumed.

Of or pertaining to the pursuit of landing one or more publications, usually through writing. One can publicate and not yet have any publications.

However, one cannot publish unless one has publicated.


"Are you publicating now?"
"Yes, but I do not yet have any publications."

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Raquel said...

Heya Rob!

Lately I've been publicating a lot with the hopes of publication but it's complicated. Perhaps you and I can publicate something on our Blog experiences and hopefully that can lead to an actual publication.

I'm sure other grad students will understand exactly what you are talking about! And, faculty on the tenure clock! : )