Friday, March 18, 2005


Do you ever think about choices you've made and wonder what woulda coulda shoulda happened if things had turned out differently? Admittedly it's not a healthy exercise, and yet it's something I've been trying to wrap my brain around lately. It's the chain of events thing that I find mind-boggling. This decision in 1989 lead to attending this college and majoring in xyz which lead to meeting these & such people which later led to a job I took that allowed me to build skill 23 but made me forgo three other things...and what would have happened if I had gone to a different college and met other people who I would have...


Man it's random out, tonight.

Oh, I should explain that. It's kinda like "it's cold out, it's snowy out..." etc., but I tend to add other words like "it's hungry out" or "it's tired out." Those of you who know me...this is nothing new. I've been saying this sorta thing since college. Perhaps I should move on from it.

Hoo boy...who edits these blog postings anyhow? Oh yeah...that would be me. Better quit while I'm behind...way behind.


Cousin Dave said...

Don's start down that road. Trust me. I've had those "what if" thoughts a lot, and slapped a big sticker over that part of my brain labelled "Here there be DRAGONS!"

In other randomness, I was just asked to define the word "auratical". Damned if I didn't have to go research the meaning of that one! Stranger than you might think.

Rob said...


- of or pertaining to a rat
- of or pertaining to someone's mouth
- of or pertaining to one's aura (can someone please fluff mine?)

OK, I give. Tell us more, my cousin!

Cousin Dave said...

Actually your third guess was pretty much it. Of or pertaining to someone or something's aura. This can be extended to mean the aura of something insubstantial as well, like a symphony or even an empty space.

Personally, I prefer "of or pertaining to a rat" myself!


Rob said...


I had a supervisor at my old job who would walk around "fluffing auras" when we were in a grumpy mood. Meaning: you'd stand up, and she would quickly walk around you pushing up the air around you, as if to fluff an invisible pillow. Hard to describe here. She was quite busy fluffing us up, and she eventually left that institution. :)

lemming said...

As Aslan says in teh Narnia books, we do not learn what might have happened - we can only work with what will happen.

Rob said...

Thanks Lemming...I like that expression!