Sunday, February 20, 2005

So, how did it get to be "Wednesday" already?

Ugh. This f--ker is due tomorrow! I hate this point in the process: is my writing making any sense whatsoever? Am I going to finish on time? Will my respectability quotient decrease exponentially from tomorrow onward as more professors read my exam? Will I ever be able to leave this office? Although, it's quite clean in here. Did I mention I cleaned my office?

OK, that's a scary look into Rob's subconscious. Back in Reality World, I do feel like I've made a decent dent in things. But I'm about to embark on the part of the paper that will be my weakest, and I'll probably get nailed for it in the oral defense later this spring. Once I get through that, then I hope the rest is smooth sailing.

Believe it or not, I used to teach first-year college students how to avoid procrastination. I know, I know...I should shut up & follow my own advice. Well, my bit of advice for me (and I'll share for anyone reading) is this: you can do just about anything for 5 minutes. Check your watch and then do nothing else but the task that you don't want to do for just 5 minutes, and then see how you're doing. Invariably, I find myself checking my watch 20 minutes later, and I've already plowed part-way through the task.

OK, here we go....downstairs to the coffee pot and then back up here to the office/prison (at least it's clean) (did I mention I cleaned my office?).

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lemming said...

Ultimate shame: I gave a former student one of my diss chapters to read. He had the nerve to quote my own advice to him, and moreover to be right.

Curse you! I am procrastinating tackling the latest round of chapter revisions, happily surfing away, and you have to go and get me motivated again.