Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RIP our beloved Chester: March 15, 1999 - October 20, 2014. We will always miss you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ten Months, Many Changes

It's been over ten months since I've written up here. Since then, we've gone through a pretty major renovation of our lives. We left Large State Capital after 7 years for a new job in Very Similar Large State Capital (VSLSC), in a different state, so I can work at Large Flagship University (LFU) helping to run a research center that studies college students. I love the new job thus far. While we were reluctant to even consider moving to a new destination at this point in our lives, the move has been quite worth the experience. Moose is settling into a new school very well, and Wife and I are adjusting to our new digs just fine.

Speaking of the new digs, the house itself (Chesterley III) is about half the age of Chesterley II, and yet it's already been renovated in terms of its kitchen, HVAC, carpet, and many fixtures in the bathrooms. Overall it's a great place that we hope to stay many years. Pictures forthcoming. In addition the place has a really swell garden and an irrigation system; already we're de-stressing in the garden and plan to keep it just as beautiful as it was when we first saw it.

Bad news is that our beloved Chester is not doing very well. He's reached the grand old age of 15 1/2, so he's lived a long life. He's slowing down and is no longer eating regularly. It's only a matter of time, I suppose, and it's really alright. I'll be very sad when he goes - after all we've had him in our family longer than our own son, so life will be very different without him. I don't look forward to that adjustment one bit.