Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Sand is Settling

Picture walking into a shallow lake and kicking up sand with your feet when you're under water. The sand moves around and eventually settles back to the ground. 

That's sorta where I am now in the analysis. The sand is just about to settle back down on the bottom of the lake around the place where I just walked. I suppose this is means I'm getting somewhere. It means I'm getting to the point where I don't need to kick up the sand anymore to see what's really at the bottom of the lake. Am trying, desperately, to make a connection between settled sand and a settled data analysis. OK, that probably didn't communicate very well here. haha. 

Anyway, much of today has been really productive. Still, it's sand at the bottom of a lake. It's all seeming to be rather boring today. Ho hum. Oh least this puppy is moving somewhere. Just a few more summaries to go now. If I can get these done today or tomorrow, things will really feel like they're in a good spot. 

I do need to find a way to spice up the presentation of all this data. I think when I finalize the nature of the cross-connective themes, then I'll be better able to make all this a bit more snappy.

1 comment:

chad said...

just keep trucking. when you're at a point where you just have to slog through tasks, it means you're making progress. The conceptual business is the real roadblock.

You like how I reduce the dissertative process to "conceptual business" and dismiss it as a "roadblock?" I do.