Sunday, October 05, 2008

VW Angst

For the EIGHTH time in ten years, one of the window regulators on the VW broke this evening. This means that the window in question will not roll up. In fact, if I attempt to touch it, there's a good chance it will just fall into the door thus exposing my car to elements and thieves. Man I would love for the thief to steal this piece of shit. But hell, even the insurance money probably wouldn't even help very much with the down payment on the Mini. I will get absolutely no money whatsoever for this pile of bolts. 

The sorry thing is that the car drives just fine. It's 'fun' to drive, and the engine has never let me down, EVER, in a decade. A battery died once, and fortunately I was at home and the car was parked in the garage. Show me car where that DOESN'T happen: that even happened on Toyotas I've driven. The issue here is with the electrical and mechanical systems for dumb, cheap-ass plastic parts that require VW owners to have wallets the size of the grand canyon to maintain these little fuckers. And to think I actually considered buying another VW. The fucks. 

VW, upgrade your fucking mechanical and electrical systems. I doubt you're listening, but you've officially lost a potential customer forever. 

There, I feel better now. Of course the angst will all come back when I pay to get the window fixed this week. It's supposed to rain on Wednesday. 


Anne said...
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Rob said...

Note to the author of the above comment who wrote a note and then chose to erase it: All comments written here come to my e-mail, so I know who you are and what you wrote.

I invite people to comment here however they would like. If I did not welcome comments, then I would either shut off the comment feature altogether or I would not bother keeping a public blog. I may be inspired to respond to a comment, depending upon what is said. I am not sure why you erased your comment from here. Perhaps you didn't want my response?

An update: the Jetta is fixed, and the guy who fixes it was genuinely sad to hear I'm selling it and going for a different car. Well of course he is, as I've paid his shop hundreds of dollars in the past year-and-a-half to help me maintain this beast. They are a good, reliable shop, so if you're looking for a place that repairs German cars, I'd certainly recommend them. They also repair MINIs, seeing that MINIs are essentially little BMWs.

Let's just hope I don't need to return to them with the Jetta in the next several weeks...